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STandard Overhaul

Our Standard Overhaul is accomplished in accordance with the latest manufacturers specifications including complete dissassembly, stripping of parts detailed visual and NDT inspections, replacement of unservicable parts, at additional cost, installation of new seals, functional testing to ensure no leaks are detected and components are functional to manufactures specifications.


Modifications and major parts found to not to be repairable will be billed seperately. Changes beyond the standard cost will be advised before we complete overhaul


Seal changes provide 100% replacement of all seals and minor rework of major components. Clients will be charged for any material used plus labor.

Exchange Units

All exchange units are inspected, disassembled and reassembled in accordance with manufacuters most current specifications. Our goal is to keep units in inventory for immediate delivery. Due to increased volume of exchange request we recommned you call in advance.

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